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[Here’s Dr. Pipim’s news release on his future line of work and his New Year’s Day promise]

Dawn is the beginning of morning twilight. It describes that golden moment when darkness turns to day.  It’s not fully day yet, but it’s no longer nighttime either. From the folds of the previous day’s dark night, the gray tints of dawn come forth to announce the promise of a bright new day. 

The symbolism of dawn represents a change from the reality of gloom to the reality of light. It marks the transition from despair to hope. Thus understood, dawn aptly captures the right time to sing a new song. Hence, “my song at dawn.” For, I have learned some songs in the dark and I’m ready to share them with friends and loved ones.

This special announcement provides relevant answers to questions about (1) the book I promised on New Year’s Day, (2) my future line of work, and (3) the classical choral music by a leading composer—the M’akoma Ahye Ma (“My Heart Is Full”) musical piece I also promised on New Year’s Day.

1. My Song at Dawn
(Six More Chances: Success in the Midst of Failure)

On New Year's Day I announced that as gratitude for the Lord's forgiving, transforming, and restorative grace, I'll be offering a book to the world. That promise is being honored today. Like the dawn of a new day, this new book, titled Six More Chances (and subtitled “Success in the Midst of Failure”), comes forth to declare hope to those who are discouraged on account of failure—any kind of failure. 

For the record, Six More Chances is not a glorying in the past or a celebration of the present. Rather, it is an affirmation of the reality that there is a bright tomorrow for those who choose to take God at His word. It is a calm acceptance of the incontrovertible evidence that when God’s children fall, the past does not obliterate the future God has in store for His own. The book boldly affirms that, past failures do not make us failures, for God gives us six, nay, more than six more chances. 

Six More Chances is specifically addressed to those who have experienced the sting of failure in life—whether personal, professional or spiritual failure. 

•It is for those who acknowledge that they are sick, not for those who think they are well and have no need of the Physician. 
•The book is addressed to prodigal sons and daughters—individuals who feel in themselves that, on account of their past failures, they are not worthy of the Father’s love. 
•It is written for those who are hesitant to return to their Father because of the shame and guilt of sin. 
•This book is addressed to prodigals who cower in fear because they dread facing their elder brothers (and sisters) who are not ready to accept back into the Father’s house those who are bleeding from their self-inflicted wounds. 

A gift from the heart to those whose clothes bear the stench of sin, Six More Chances comes with one simple assurance—that the Father’s arms are open to embrace and He has clean robes waiting for them. 

To all who are still moping about the past, “my song at dawn,” that is, Six More Chances, challenges with the question: “Why dwell on a written past, when you can write the future?” The morning’s brightness approaches fast, waiting to be written, so why dwell on the faded night and be trapped in its darkness when a new day beckons?  

Six More Chances declares to all who have experienced failure—in whatever form—that all is not lost, for there is healing for God’s wounded eagles. God is not just a God of “second chances,” but a God of “six more chances.” The Softcover and E-book versions of the book have been officially released today (February 27, 2012). The Hardcover will be available in two weeks. 

I’m pleased to announce that, for a limited period of time, this book will be offered at a special discount to all who order (or, in the case of the Hardcovers, pre-order) their copies by March 22, 2012. To read reviewers’ comments about this inspirational work and to obtain additional information, visit

2. My Songs in the Future
(My Future Line of Work)

While sitting in the dark, some of you have kept my family and I in your prayers, encouraging us to not give up. You have also inquired about what the future holds, since I had announced my resignation from denominational employment. 

May I take this opportunity to thank you and assure you that your petitions in our behalf have been answered. You would be encouraged to know that, by the grace of God, I will continue honoring my Christian calling to ministry, but fulfilling that ministry as a “tent-maker” in another line of service. Let me briefly explain. 

Over the years, I have been blessed with different gifts—including skills in research, teaching, writing, public speaking, leadership and organization, and youth training & empowerment—all gifts I have used and will continue to employ in His service but in a different context. 

After prayerfully reflecting on what the Lord would have me to do in the future and, upon consultation with several godly individuals across the globe, certain specific things have become evident. Unless the Lord clearly leads otherwise, I feel called to broaden the scope of my ministry into areas seldom reached with the Everlasting Gospel. I see the following as the contours of my future line of work:

(i) Songs in the Dark. While my heart is still in youth training and empowerment, my initial priority will be devoted to singing some of the songs learned in the dark, singing them in a way that would advance the cause of God in our generation. 

In other words, my first burden is to employ lessons from my spiritual failure as another means to lead souls to Christ: “The very first impulse of the renewed heart is to bring others also to the Saviour” (The Great Controversy, p. 70). 

I seek to follow King David's example, who, immediately after his penitential prayer for forgiveness and restoration in Psalm 51:1-12, declares. "Then will I teach transgressors thy ways; and sinners shall be converted unto thee" (verse 13).  In the words of E.G. White,

“Help those who have erred, by telling them of your experiences. Show how, when you made grave mistakes, patience, kindness, and helpfulness on the part of your fellow workers gave you courage and hope.” (Ministry of Healing, p. 494).

My recent experience and subsequent interactions with many people have revealed to me that, there is a very large—but secret—world of failures out there—in society, as well as in the church. These individuals long to be free from their burden of failure. Frustrated with the elaborate culture of denial we have developed, they seek to know how to relate responsibly to failures. They want to experience victory over their past failures and know how to avoid future ones. 

In response to this urgent need, and as Divine providence will lead, I intend to share messages dealing with important lessons on failure, showing how the Bible offers a transformative approach to human failure. Such messages will be announced on the website:

(ii) Leadership Development. Besides sharing my messages, I will also be directing a new Center for Leadership Development known as the EAGLES Center. "EAGLES" is an acronym for “Empowerment & Advisory Group for Leadership, Excellence, & Service.” I believe that my previous work on secular university campuses has equipped me to take the Gospel to new frontiers—reaching out to folks hitherto un-reached by our distinctive message. 

Through the EAGLES center for leadership development, I will be reaching out to graduates and young professionals, institutions and churches, professional organizations, secular and business entities, governmental and non-governmental agencies, and to all those who need to be reached with the Everlasting Gospel. For more on this, see

(iii) Bible Projects. The Bible has always been central in my life and ministry. I’m delighted that I’ll continue serving as a Special Consultant on Bible Projects for Remnant Publications, assisting in the procurement, development, and distribution of Bibles and Bible study materials for Africa and for the world. 

For almost three decades now, Remnant Publications has been at the forefront in providing timely and excellent spiritual resources for the world. I’m honored to lend my hands to their noble work—especially in the Bible Projects. Through my consultancy work at Remnant Publications, I will continue announcing to the world what I typically convey in the opening remarks to my public presentations: 

“The Bible is the inspired Word of God. It is the only Book that … [theme of presentation stated here]. Let us study the Bible, for if we do so, we shall find rest for our souls.”

For more on the Bible Projects, see
(iv) Joint Partnerships. The urgency of our times demands teamwork and collaborative efforts. While engaged in different lines of work, our effectiveness and success in sharing the everlasting gospel will depend upon the “pressing together” of like-minded laborers:

“The secret of our success in the work of God will be found in the harmonious working of our people. There must be concentrated action. Every member of the body of Christ must act his part in the cause of God, according to the ability that God has given him. We must press together against obstructions and difficulties, shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart” (Review & Herald, December 2, 1890; emphasis mine).

Therefore, as in the past, I will work to bring God’s faithful people together. Where necessary, the EAGLES Center I’m directing will engage in partnerships and collaborative ventures with existing institutions and ministries which are radically Bible-based, life-transforming, mission-driven, and youth-empowering. Such entities must share my outlook of combining authentic biblical spirituality with a philosophy of excellence and a methodology of biblical simplicity, and must operate with a sense of urgency. 

“If Christians were to act in concert, moving forward as one, under the direction of one Power, for the accomplishment of one purpose, they would move the world” (Testimonies for the Church, vol. 9, p. 221).

Again for more on the work of the EAGLES  Center, see

3. M'akoma Ahye Ma!  (“My Heart Is Full!”)
(The Classical Choral Music)

Besides promising a book on “Success in the Midst of Failure,” my New Year’s Day message also promised to make available the heart-warming musical piece “M'akoma Ahye Ma” (“My Heart Is Full”) to all who wish to join me in singing my “Songs in the Dark.” 

I am happy to announce that you can now listen to and download this splendid classical choral piece on the website: You can even download the lyrics and read about what inspired a leading composer to write this spiritually uplifting music. 

Once again, I’d like to thank all of you who have kept me and my family in your prayers while I sat in the dark. By God’s grace, I have felt His quickening rays through the gloom of my heart. And I know for a fact that, no matter what, I am not a castaway with my heavenly Father. I therefore invite you to sing with me, the songs learned in the dark. Not with sorrow or mourning, but with gladness of heart. 

Join me now as I share “my song at dawn”—Six More Chances: Success in the Midst of Failure. Written as an outreach book, it will speak to people of all ages and religious (and non-religious) backgrounds. To read reviewers’ comments about the book, to obtain your special discount offer, or to obtain additional information about this book, visit

Truly, my heart is overflowing with joy! For today marks the dawn of a new day. Because of the grace of God, failure doesn't have to be a dead-end; it can be a valuable detour to aid us in life’s journey. Setbacks need not set us back; they can be stepping stones on which we can step upward and forward.  This fact is the heartbeat of my song at dawn—and my songs in the future.

“M'akoma Ahye Ma” (“My Heart Is Full”)!
February 27, 2012

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