ETHIOPIA IS STRETCHING HER HANDS  Part 1 of a Report on Dr. Pipim's Prayer Breakfast For Diplomatic Community in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, September 23, 2015. (For Part 2 of the Report, click HERE)   Ethiopia is mentioned some 38 times in the Bible. Significantly, the first Gentile convert to Ch...

“NOT EVEN HALF WAS TOLD”--Part 2 of Dr. Pipim's Ethiopian Report

NOT EVEN HALF WAS TOLD  Part 2 of the Report on the Ethiopia Prayer Breakfast for the Diplomatic Community, September 2015.  Thanks for your prayers, I’ve safely returned from Ethiopia, where I was invited to speak at a special Prayer Breakfast for the diplomatic community in Addis on September...

2015 General Conference Session Report: Dr. Pipim’s Commentary & Analysis

[CLICK ON TITLE ABOVE TO BEGIN READING]   “When truth is presented to an honestly mistaken person, they either cease to be mistaken or cease to be honest.” —Samuel Koranteng-Pipim “My appreciation goes to all of you who’ve been reading my commentary and analyses of the  GC Session in...

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These heart-warming messages--by voice and by pen--present important lessons on failure, betrayal, and hurt.
Thank you all for your prayers on his behalf. By the grace of God, his strength has been renewed, and he’s back on track again to “strengthen his brethren.” 
Highlights of Dr. Pipim's Recent Spiritual Journey
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5. For Dr. Pipim's sermon series at the Metro New York Men's Prayer Ministry radio broadcast, listen to his My Song In the Night and Take Heed