Who Will Train the Next Generation?

A Report on Africa Arise Conference & AU's Prayer Breakfast for African Heads of State (January 24-30, 2017). By Samuel Koranteng-Pipim, PhD Just in case you miss the thrust of my report, this is what I want to say: “Success without a successor is failure. True leaders train others to succeed the...

Formed of Steel, But Coated In Clay

[Click on Above Title Link for Clearer View]   A Tribute To Dr Raoul Dederen (1925-2016)  By Samuel Koranteng-Pipim, PhD [NOTE: Dr. Raoul Dederen (1925-2016) was my “doctorvater,” theological and spiritual mentor,  pastor, father, and role-model in research and teaching. I learned from him ...

The Anatomy of Excellence

[Click on Above Link for Clearer View] By Guest Writer, Dr. Josephine Elia, “Engineer. Bookworm. Learner. Writer.” (A NOTE TO THE READER: This is one of the rare times I feel convicted to publish another’s work on this page. It’s a testament to my estimation of the article, which was ori...

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This link will bring together some important statements by Dr. Pipim, pointing readers to sources where they can further explore the subjects of the quotes

The African Mind
“There’s nothing wrong with the African mind; our problem is the African mindset.”

"Petty jealousies, short-sightedness have produced many of our leanding 'African PhDs'--i.e., Africans with 'Pull Him Down (or Pull Her Down) Syndrome.”

"African black beans are puppet leaders--they are black on the outside, but have the mindset of the white colonial slave masters.”

"Don't be fooled by the appeal of tribalism. Tribalism is the most comfortable shelter under which our African leaders hide their own incompetence and selfishness.”

--Listen to author’s 3-part presentation to A.L.I.V.E. themed "This Mind"
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